Aurri Health Network

by Jason Dreyzehner

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Aurri Health Network is an online network, and a network of volunteers. Aurri’s incentive-based system encourages young people to live healthier by making primary prevention both fun and rewarding.

Here’s how it works: Investing in Aurri means communities spend less on treating health problems. Aurri brings together community groups, fitness and recreation centers, healthcare providers, and local governments to identify and develop the resources and safe places needed for young people to get and stay active.

At Aurri community spaces, kids work with volunteers to participate in active games, sports, and even physically engaging video games. By getting active, kids earn points on the Aurri online network.

Aurri kids can also earn points for all kinds of primary prevention like maintaining a healthy diet, learning about nutrition, losing weight, wearing a bike helmet, and getting immunized.

Points can be redeemed for healthy prizes, like a football, a bike, or a chance to go rock climbing.

Finally, Aurri doesn’t cost families a penny, and the Aurri network works to make transportation available for kids.

Aurri makes the healthy choice the easy, fun, and rewarding choice. All it takes is an accessible, safe space and Aurri.